Open Source 2020 Open Source 2020


10 – 14 December 2020

Vortex Open Source celebrates the summer solstice: a time of ascension, passion and new beginnings. It is the time for inviting in the light, the fire of creativity, and the fire of transformation. Our team of visionary artists and producers collaborate through an open source ethic of sharing and collective wisdom to support our conscious evolution. Giving without expectation, making what is possible for one possible for all, with open hearts and light vibrations.

The diverse global psychedelic trance and electronic music culture holds a unique space for the vital role of dance and transformation in modern times. We have the potential for change, and the power and responsibility for unity, harmony and respect. By engaging our psytrance family through an open-source philosophy with the highest intentions, we hope to unlock our collective potential as a catalyst for radical change. These may just be the seeds of change: but every element, every interaction, every smile and every beat has the potential to manifest into more. Each creative detail has a role in the bigger picture, is a butterfly wing.

How we create, and the vibrations that brings, moulds our collective experience. As co-creators of Vortex Open Source, we draw on the sun’s light, on the conscious musical vibrations and metamorphose together to create more love and more light in the world.

We have worked for more than two decades, together with like-minded visionaries from across the planet, and co-created a community we love and are loyal to. What better way to express this global TRANCEmogrification than through an international psychedelic Music and Arts Gathering, Vortex Open Source… With a deep conviction in the awakening potential of creative psychedelia, we carefully curate a selection of the leading visionary artists of our times. Through music and décor, light and intention, we usher in the psychedelic renaissance and remember our roots in Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.