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PHOENIX - Festival of Fire


One Rhythm, One Heartbeat

In the Winter Solstice we dance through the longest night of the year and out of the cold, dark ashes we rise. Nature’s pendulum swings back towards the light, and we let go of the old and welcome the new, we welcome the back the sun. We return from the long night of the soul, the necessary resting, hibernation. 

When our feet touch Mother Earth we dance our energies back into light,  connect and reconnect to our community and our nature. Our eyes meet, our hearts meet with the beat… 

This is the story of the phoenix, the sun bird. It must die to come alive. The phoenix builds its nest of twigs and spices, and, seeing the approaching sun, begins to sing the most beautiful and haunting melodies known to humankind. She sings her song swan before bursting into flame, burning down to ashes only to reborn once more, more glorious, more resplendent, awaiting the return of the sun.

With the most moving, transporting psychedelic sounds and experience, burst out of winter darkness and catch fire on our dance floor. Burn off the fluff, soften the edges and sharpen your senses at Phoenix Festival of Fire. Join us as we rise up and take hold of our destiny in time and space, carving a new path of light and love with the gathering sun.