FAQs and Survival Guide

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Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets online through Quicket:
Or at selected retail outlets.

Can I buy a day pass?
Unfortunately there are no day passes available as we are not able to remove people off site at the end of the day.

How old do I have to be to attend the festival?
You have to be 18 years or older to attend this event. No exceptions will be made.

Am I allowed to bring my child and do they require a ticket?
Children 12 years old and younger are allowed to attend if they are accompanied by parents or legal guardians. Please be sure to sign an indemnity form upon arrival at the gate. Children do not require tickets. Please contact us before the event to arrange.

Does the venue allow for camping with your car?
Yes, there is enough space to camp with your car – this applies for the first 2 days of the festival dependent on how full the venue gets and on a first come first serve basis.

Will there be a bar at the event?
Yes, there will be a bar selling cool drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Can you bring your own alcohol to the festival?
Yes, but please remember to decant alcohol into plastic bottles as we do not allow glass into the venue. Vehicles will be searched for glass upon arrival at the gate. Glass creates a high risk of injury for humans and animals, increases the chances of fire and is incredibly hard to clean up after the festival.

Is free drinking water available?
Yes, we have numerous taps around the venue. Don’t be alarmed by the brownish colour of the water; it is from the mountain and full of healthy nutrients. This water is tested regularly for safe drinking.

Do you have card machines/ATMs at the event?
Yes, a cash-back service will be available at the bar where you can draw money for a small fee. ATMs can be found in the local town, Riviersonderend, which is 7kms away.

Will there be food stalls at the event?
Yes, there are a variety of food stalls at the festival but you are welcome to bring your own food as well. We do our best to make sure the food stalls cater to all meal requirements.

Are we allowed to make fires?
At Open Source in December, fires are not permitted as they are high risk during the summer. However there are fire places in every camping zone available for communal use. At our winter event in June, Phoenix Festival, we allow you to bring your own braai stands but no ground fires are permitted.

Is there a place to swim at the venue?
Yes, there is a beautiful river to swim in. Please refrain from diving or swimming at night!

Is the venue wheelchair friendly?
Yes, there are no hills and the ground is quite smooth in most places. Please be sure to send us an email to general inquiries so we can arrange a car pass for you.

Are we allowed to bring our caravans?
Yes, if you would like a power point, please contact general inquiries and we can arrange one for you.

Who do I contact to inquire about lost property after the event?
Please contact general inquiries; also note that any unclaimed lost property gets donated to local charities.

Am I allowed to bring my dog with?
Yes, but please be sure to look after your best friend and follow the HappyHound Festival Rules.
We advise that older dogs are not brought along to the festival as they struggle with the environment.

HappyHound Festival Rules:
Your dog MUST have an ID tag with contact details.
Please make sure drinking water is available for your pet at all times.
Please do not bring your dog with if he or she is aggressive or on heat.
Clean up after them.
Make sure active dogs get enough rest.
Remember to look after your HappyHound at all times!

General Info:

The Info Station – Located in the stall area. Here you can hand in or claim lost property, collect extra rubbish bags, ask for advice or information, get the line-up times / brochure & report any incidents.

Donations – Every event Vortex supports a different charity, so please drop off your donations – no matter how big or small – at the Info Station and help to support local charity initiatives. Be the change your wish to see in the world!

Safety is our top priority at Vortex and with that in mind, we work closely with the local police at the Riviersonderend Police Department at the festival to help alleviate crime. Although due care is always taken to keep party-goers safe, unfortunately festivals are easy targets for theft and petty crime so please leave your valuables at home. If you need to bring something important with, keep it LOCKED IN YOUR CAR! Remember to look out for your friends and camping neighbours.

If you have any medical problems or injuries which require attention, a group of trained and qualified medics will be on site for the duration of the festival. You can buy basic toiletries here too.

We have partnered up with PsyCare to facilitate our events. PsyCare is a volunteer-based psychedelic support and harm reduction initiative that serves the trance community – much like a “psychedelic first aid service.” Although Vortex does not advocate the use of substances, we know that substances are often taken in festival environments – and when left unattended, certain individuals may feel out of their depth and wind up in dangerous situations.

We are also partnering up with the SADD – South Africans Against Drunk Driving. Vortex has said goodbye to many special comrades over the years due to drunken driving. Please party responsibility and don’t drive to or from the festival while intoxicated! The venue is open for camping, at no additional cost, one day after the festival has culminated so please do take your time to rest and sober up before venturing home. It is not only your life at risk but your friends and other people on the roads. Don’t gamble with human life; it is far too precious to throw away for a good party.


At the Circle of Dreams, we celebrate life; we unite and create enthralling magic. Only we are responsible for our future on this beautiful planet. It’s up to us to create a sustainable future together. This is one of the many reasons we recycle at Vortex.
With this in mind, we ask that you take special care in the way you handle your waste at the festival. Always use the bins provided and keep the camping area and festival grounds as clean as possible. Remember cigarettes butts belong in the bin – nowhere else!
Let’s cherish and enjoy this special venue. Help us make a difference and LEAVE NO TRACE.

General Inquiries:
Email: [email protected]

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