Stormsvlei … A River Runs Through It…

CAPE TOWN – SOUTH AFRICA – GPS Coordinates. S 34° 4′ 59.001″ E 20° 5′ 43.0008″

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. The River is one of the symbols of the great flow of Life & lives totally in the Moment, neither in the past nor the future, always flowing. It begins at the Source & Returns To The Source. A river is water is its loveliest form, with life, sound & movement in infinite variations. Rivers are veins of the earth through which water, the lifeblood of our Mother, returns to the heart.

Rivers flow not past, but through us, tingling, vibrating, exciting every cell & fiber in our bodies, making them sing & glide. A spark of consciousness reflects in rivers, which is why they are Man’s favorite places on Earth & why they have always seemed such magical things, a moving, living part of the earth, running over rocks from the basement of time, winding through landscapes like ribbons of quicksilver & murmuring over small pebbles which gleam like crystals in the silvery water.

When we drift down the River on slowly spinning currents, with our feet kicking lazily in the water, with the soft song of moving water permeating the air, it feels as though medicine is moving through us, flushing our cells with a natural liquid peace. A river doesn’t just carry water, it carries life & all things merge into one. In this calm river vision, all thoughts flee from our head, we flow freely, calmly, naturally, enjoying the present moment & like a flowing river, we learn the art of living.

Go with the flow. Immerse yourself in nature. Slow down & meander. Go around the obstacles. Be thoughtful of those downstream. Stay current. The beauty is always in the journey.
The river is where love runs deep & If you fall in you’ll be ours to keep.

From CT: Take N2 To Riviersonderend. From Caltex in town travel 20 Km’s.
Left R317 Stormsvlei. Pass over Stormsvlei Bridge & Venue is on your left.

From Garden Route: Take N2 To Cape Town. From Swellendam travel 40 Km’s.
Right R317 Stormsvlei. Pass over Stormsvlei Bridge & Venue is on your left.

We have found a party paradise in picturesque historical Stormsvlei. Situated on both sides of the Endless/Sonderend river. A wild wide waterway with islands & the forest opening its arms, into a bright green canopy of trees with a silver curve of river folding the traveler into its embrace.

Both sides of the festival on either side of the River are linked by a pontoon barge & the Railway bridge, creating a truly unique festival background. With the Music Areas on one side in the shaded & sheltered wild forest & Stormsvlei Riverside Resort on the other side, this location combines the best elements of mind-blowing nature with amazing festival comfort & facilities.

Shaded Camping, Free Hot Showers, Flush-Toilets, Mountain Spring Drinking Water, Communal Braai Areas in all Camping Zones, around the clock security, Medics, Art Performances, Food Vendors, Workshops, Trade Stalls, Beautiful Swimming River & so much more. Remember to car pool; not only will this help with fuel costs but it will help reduce the CO2 emissions of the festival. Together is the way we can make a difference.

…A River Runs Through It & in the center of each whirlpool is a Vortex of beauty…

“The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming; thus, it is with time.” – Leonardo DaVinci