Open Source Concept

Next Vortex Open Source 7th-11th December 2017
Venue: Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend, Cape Town, South Africa

Psychedelic trance parties are engineered experiences fuelled by collaborative creativity and unity – these experiences provide the most favorable conditions to aid the expansion of consciousness. They are used to orchestrate individuals so that they may awaken to a new concept, cross paths with a destined teacher or spark a divine realisation.

Psychedelic trance is a way of life – a way of living that teaches us the beauty of the world and our relationship to it. For us, this way of life is about embracing the deep connection that is formed through the expression of dance, and the unified intentions of the participants, organisers and musicians.

Open Source is a gathering of like-minded psychedelic freedom fighters who believe in the revival of an authentic and profound transformational outdoor party experience. This vision manifests each and every year when our dynamic psychedelic family comes together within the Circle of Dreams – a magical forest on the Southern tip of Africa just outside the bewitching Mother City of Cape Town.

The term Open Source speaks of an ideal held within the technological community or rather, a revolutionary response to elitist corporate culture. Open Source reflects the existing struggle against oppression in our current society – it is a renegade movement that promotes free, universal access and redistribution of a design, or idea, and its implementation. Inside this collaboration, all participants are able to improve upon the code and share changes within the community. Open Source therefore resonates with us on many different levels because, much like the concept, we aim to unite individuals through the sharing and expression ideas and the transformation of joint experiences in order to form one global synchronised family.

The psy-trance community embodies expression and the integration of a spectrum of cultures – this way of life holds exceptional power as well as the potential for unity, harmony and global respect. We believe that by aligning with the Open Source paradigm, we can manifest this potential as a radical catalyst for change. As small as a singular change may be, we recognise the significance of every distinct element within the “bigger picture” and have conviction in our roles as light-workers, or change-makers, to propel conscious metamorphosis.

Over the last two decades, through whole-hearted involvement and allegiance to this community, we have to come know and work with many sensational people from all over the world who echo this cause. These people are committed to leaving behind all illusions of separateness – including politics, race and religion – by connecting as one through music and simply sharing the moment. We believe that the road is as important as the destination itself – that’s why it is our role to encourage and assist the collaboration of visionaries, as well as the expansion of this awareness.

With this in mind, our productions are geared towards the combination of celebration and spiritual or material transformation. For us, it’s about keeping the counter cultural spirit alive – providing a safe and spiritually charged space where people can let go and experience the ancient energies of the communal dance! South Africa has an edge that needs to be celebrated – it’s a melting pot of cultures, traditions and energies, and at this point in history, there is no better place to praise transformation of consciousness and the human potential for converting imagination into reality.


When we are united with the core energy within ourselves and we can let go of all or fears; when we have a loss of interest in judging ourselves and those around us. This is when we think and act spontaneously, enjoying each moment as we appreciate everything and smile through the eyes, from the heart.


Something we all long for – love, understanding and acceptance. We can only truly give and receive love once we have gained acceptance and peace within ourselves. Our actions of love towards others all stem from the love we have for ourselves.


What happens when a group of people who have found peace experience love for themselves and one another, and find solidity within the group.


The attitude you reach because of peace, love and unity. This allows for an environment that embraces freedom of choice. You allow yourself the freedom to be yourself as you allow others the freedom and space to be themselves in return.

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