Think Yellow Project: our Initiatives benefit children, the elderly and people suffering from real poverty regardless of race, religion or where they live

Think Yellow primarily supplies food & toiletry items to children & the elderly…. provides “Babylove” baby bags filled with essential items to settlement mommies….. “Handbag of Hope” initiative benefits local safe houses & trauma centers…. “FreeMarkets” on a regular basis in the areas where community members are afforded dignity by being given the option to choose clothing that they would like….. Dignity Day” that supplies women and teens with bra’s & sanitary pads…. “Barefoot for Blikkies” initiative – collecting shoes for the children and adults… community members of Blikkiesdorp & the nearby RDP housing projects in Delft
Visit their page and see what amazing loving caring work they do.


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Contact: [email protected]
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