22 April 2020


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These parties featured no line-ups in advance. You would only know who was playing at the event when you were actually on the dance-floor in front of the DJ. They were all about the music experienced “in the moment”. This created a truly unique & memorable experience as there were no preconceptions about what you were about to hear & experience.
The party became a real gathering of like-minded people, connecting because of unified belief systems & untainted by media hype or promotion. We were all just Ravers with no genre distinctions to divide us as a community. It was an amazing period in Rave Culture, uniting people from all walks of life, religions & ethic groups with ONE type of music.
All the art & decoration was done inhouse by the organizers & you could “feel the love” expressed. These gatherings were all about the connection of like-minded people through the expression of dance & this essential purity was what the movement was built on.
This event was also the first documented use of laser technology in Cape Town. The lasers used were military-grade & required constant water supply for cooling. The pill at the time was still the legendary London Doves.
In this period Vortex was producing a Rave every month almost as there were only two companies doing them in Cape Town at the time. A total maximum of about 20 a year. They were highly anticipated due to their scarcity & novelty. This was also the first production where we actually broke even & did not lose any money for a change.

In time sets from the various event hosted will uploaded to our Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/vortex-trance-adventures