22 April 2020


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Mayday was the first introduction of Psy-Trance or as it was known in those days, Goa Trance to a Cape Town audience. Brought to SA by two young travelers, Dhya & Yulchi direct from the Goa party season the style & vibe of the music really grabbed our attention & we were determined it should be heard.
This was also the first documented time we heard or saw music played on DAT recorders. A truly unique first time experience for everyone in South Africa. I can remember one of the techno DJ’s freaking out because they were playing tapes & not vinyl. The sound quality of the tracks was however mind-blowing & it felt as if you could touch the music. Needless to say, they almost completely cleared the dance-floor & prompted a hostile take-over of the Chill-out music area by the House DJ’s of CT.
The party was divided totally with about 3000 House music enthusiasts in the chill room & 1000 people on the main dance-floor. We were so blown away by the sounds coming out of the speakers we were captive & did not really notice the division in the crowd to be honest. This was the real birth of Trance in SA as an alternative to more commercial Rave music & we decided to promote the style into the future.
We had also discovered the great outdoors again after years of indoor locations & despite the intrinsic belief of Ravers that Raves needed to happen inside we also decided to pursue outdoor parties into the future.
This was without a doubt one of the most controversial events we had ever held & the very beginning of the Cape Town Trance scene.

In time sets from the various event hosted will uploaded to our Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/vortex-trance-adventures